4-Way Stop

the intersection of four hallways in an educational building. this usually gets jammed and crammed with useless idiots who do not know how to walk. avoid these at all costs!
i’m sorry i’m late! i got stuck in the 4-way stop!
a not-so-bright invention in which 4 vehicles must come to a stop because they’re apparently incapable of navigating a 2-way stop,usually ending up in a frustrating wait between all of the vehicles for someone to make the first move. otherwise known as a moron-way stop.
what’s with these moronic 4-way stop signs in pa? in nj we’re perfectly capable of navigating the regular 2-way stop.
the area of a woman where the -n-s, v-g-n-, and two -ss cheeks meet. similar to the grundle. this only applies to the angle of this area during the doggy style position.
yo man, i was at the 4 way stop and decided to go down to the vag. whaddup!

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