40 day challenge

the 40 day challenge is a test to see whether or not you can give up masturbation for the 40 days of lent. you can perform any s-xual acts except m-st-rb-t-.
will: how’s the 40 day challenge going bro?
josh: it’s day 27 and i’m still going strong.
will: d-mn. i couldn’t even make it to day 5.
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the insane, near impossible feat of not masturbating for all 40 days of lent.
taylor: “i’m doing the 40 day challenge.”
alex: i tried that last year. i lasted about a day!
a challenge that is given by friends that involves no s-xual activity for 40 days and 40 nights. this does include kissing.
guy 1: whats wrong with fred?

guy 2: he said that he was on the 40 day challenge, hes on day 13

guy 1: by the end of it, hes going to be a hormonal wreck!

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