40 oz to freedom

the guy spelled reggae wrong and is obviously from canada.

real good cd that includes my favorite song, and phrase “lets go get stoned”
i said suck the motha f-ck-r you bitin it sh-t.
the fine art of picken up a 40 of malt liquor and gettin krunk

and what the f-ck is wrong with canada, we spell reggae the exact same as you ya deusche
me and my boys are gonna go pickup a 40 and get krunk in the park and go break sh-t, 40 oz to freedom b-tches.
1. the best cd ever created by the best band to have ever stepped onto this earth, sublime. 22 tracks of pure punk-raggae-dub bliss.
i’ve listened to 40 oz to freedom 187 times through and it’s still as groovy as the first.

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