to deny access:

1) when attempting to access a forbidden webpage
2) when attempting to perform a physical action
1) yeah, i tried to ftp that file, but got 403’ed
2) yeah, i tried to have -n-l s-x with meagan last night but got 403’ed.
the area code for calgary, alberta, canada.
before dialing a phone number long distance to calgary be sure to add 403 in front of it or else you’ll get some other d-mn place…
area code of metro-calgary and southern alberta, but primarily metro-calgary.
yohz man! i’mz gonna go club it up in dez four oh three club district!
this is the network term for “access denied”.

similar terms are 404, 500, 000 & 613.
same as hoe, only incode so it can be said in school. turn the numbers upside down to see. usually said by children in elementary and middle school.
“i know, she’s such a 403.”
http error code meaning “forbidden”.

sometimes used in conversation to mean the same thing.
“you don’t mind if i grab one of your red bulls, do you?”
area code for southern alberta, frequently used by calgarians to describe their turf
‘yoh! lets go hit it up at the 403 club district!’

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