leet forums. sometimes attacks other forums. they always deserve it though.
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  • cheese-logging

    to go out to a restaurant and eat m-ss quant-ties of cheese logs in a short period of time. my girlfriend broke up with me so i went cheese-logging in hopes that one would clog my aortic valve, causing me to explode.

  • kronik shenanigan

    modernized old-people term. “you kids and your kronik shenanigans.” the process of owning aqu dx pwnzed aqu with his kronik shenanigans a) the hijacking of a forum which 0wnz simultaneously. b) uncontrollable madness and mayhem by many users c) utterly insane bbs pranks d) gimmick xehtycshtaed replied to prowler’s word recognition post “elephant” with “spork”. […]

  • extended vacation

    a prison stay. i just got back from an extended vacation and my wife was knocked up.

  • sneaky badger

    n. one who engages in overtly surrept-tious activity, in a stealthy attempt to fulfill an underhand motive. characterised by shifty eyes and excessive lurking. i was sneaking around like some kind of…sneaky badger!

  • whathuh

    a combination of the word “what” and “huh.” generally used to express confusion. so, i was down at the old house… whathuh? the old house. you know, the place where we saw those huge dogs. oh.

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