the most baller place in st andrews and home to some spicy fellas who stay fresh on a daily basis. generally b-mps to gnarly music by night despite the rulebook and sleeps during days, breaking intermittently for a wee smoke.
4071 rhymes with ‘heavenly fun’ which if nothing else makes it easy to rap about.

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    this scrumptious act starts with a man living in a dorm room in orlando and having a male roommate. next, the male roommate would then come into the other man’s room and start to m-ssage the roommate’s -n-s with his tongue. as he lubricates his roommates -n-s with his mouth and tongue this creates pleasure […]

  • eyeball felch

    just what it sounds like. to -j-c-l-t- in your partner’s eye, and then lick it out. i know trevor really loves me because last night we eyeball felched.

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    meaning “i am the one”, literally “i am the boy”. common in the vernacular of newfoundland, canada. eyesabyes that builds the boat, and eyesabyes who sails her. eyesabyes that catches the fish and brings dem home for eliza.

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