san jose, the place to be, aint no compeatin wit the 408 , above it all
person 1- ey where u come from

person2- u know im reppin that 408

person 1- ohhh that place is off the chains

person2- fa sho, fa sho
an area code in da bay area!

cities:san jo,sunnyvale,santa clara,campbell,gilroy,morgan hill,milpitas

nd some otherz thoze r da main ones

rep da 408!!!!!!
1:where u from?
2:mountain view. where u 2 from?
1&3:sunnyale!we rep da 408 b-tch!
an area code of the bay including many hoods such as: mathilda and lakewood in sunnyvale. l-blocc and bowers park in santa clara. pineside, park victoria, the grenadas and able in milpitas. alum rock, oak grove, yerba buena, berryessa including all the “town” hoods in east side san jose, etc.
the 408 has many nortenos, surenos, and crips but not many bloods.
san jose area code
also known as the “yay” area
guy: yo s-xy where u from?
girl: reppin the yay area
guy: ferreals? im from the yay area too
girl: yay!
a common area code for cities in the bay area. it includes gilroy, morgan hill, saratoga, los gatos, monte sereno, milpitas, sunnyvale, santa clara, cupertino and san jose. also known as the yay area
person 1: where are you from?
person 2: the 408!
person 1: that’s h-lla sick, me too!
(noun) 1. the danger zone or the powell avenue projects of newburgh, ny. 2. you will never sleep here because it’s the cousin of death. 3. the creators of the word slamdance.
1. “yo, things got mad wild last night like it was 408.”
2. “nah chyll, it’s to 408 for me.”
1. slang term san franciscans (415 area code) use to describe people from san jose (408 area code).
2. someone droll or behind in the times.
g-d that flannel shirt os so 408 of you bruce…

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