40th base

two trains on the same track are moving towards each other, each at a speed of 40 miles per hour. on the top of one train stand 50 naked guys with b-n-rs. on the other train stand 50 naked girls who are h-rny. what happens to the ones that don’t fall off when the two trains run into each other is called 40th base.
d-mn, i just got an -rg-sm from 40th base….it sure was pleasureful…
having your roommate walk in while jacking off to a picture of his mom, and then joining….similtaniously sticking a frozen banana up a monkeys tw-t.
guy one: dude awesomest thing happened last night!!!!!!
guy two: what?!
guy one: i got some serious monkey action.
guy two: no way! 40th base?!?!? well done dude!

the last of all bases. to turn yourself into a trans-xual and then rape your best friend and mother.
a- sorry about your -ssh-l- i just wanted to get to 40th base.

b- i understand.
making out with somebody’s 2cm flesh tunnel.
dan – duuuuuuuuude i just got to 40th base with ginny.
random stranger – you mean you kissed her 2cm stretched ear! aweeeeesome!

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