a girl that is extremely hot and since error code 4101 refers to a file that has a lost destination, the girl makes any guy lost in her eyes
dang, that girl is definitely a 4101.

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    a girl who is dating a half filipino and half hispanic boy is called uzzma yogore. uzzma yogore’s are very pretty and usually love compliments and love hanging out with their friends. person 1: she’s dating noel (-ssume he’s half filipino and half hispanic). person 2: she’s a uzzma yogore

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    a year nine who thinks he is better than everyone, but he is a slave to a hamster. omg, that bloke is like a jack verman

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    to leave a hoe or female after having s-xual intercourse one time – are you going to pull a brayanon jess ? – h-ll yeah i’m pulling a brayanon her

  • may 13

    the equivalent of 9/11 in singapore’s history, when in 1969, muslim radicals and chinese communists or gangsters clashed in deadly communal riots. may 13 serves as a stark reminder to present-day leaders in singapore not to embrace race- or religion-based politics, as this will create more mistrust among different racial or religious groups.

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