420 glaze it

the story goes that a couple of guys gathered everyday to eat glazed donuts…
420 glaze it f-ggot

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    when a woman puts a cinnamon candy in her mouth and then sucks you off. “sizzlebobber””jimmy carla gave me the best sizzlebobber last night, i thought my d-ck was going to melt from the heat and then i blasted the back of her throat!”

  • smoking cold

    when you beer is so cold the frost cloud rolls down the side of the can/gl-ss. hard day at work, i need a smoking cold budweiser!

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    when a slavic killer jumps off the roof of your house, turns around three times while mid-air and then takes you out with one clean headshot through your window. the victim was killed by a good ol’ slav 1080º.

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    when one penetrates ones mouth with their tongue as a surprise while making out we were making out and out of nowhere she gave me a sneaky lizard

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    snackin on d-ck hey girl, you snickin? what does that mean? snackin on that d-ck! i heard that girl is always snickin.

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