420 (when you’re really baked)



it’s like..fooortiiiieee-twoo…hundread


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  • cheezy nuts

    the stinky crust that clings to the unwashed skin of the t-st-cl-s little boy! get your cheezy nuts over here and get into this bathtub now!

  • sall good breh

    slang: indicating you are feeling well. short for “it is all good brother” in typical american fashion, as lazy as possible. hey nate… i’m so sorry i can’t hang out after cl-ss today… i have to pick up my sister hey, sall good breh! we’ll hang out next week

  • halluscidate

    when, on a date, one person thinks there are romantic possiblities, while the other believes it’s strictly a friendship outing. halluscadating: having the impression that a scheduled meeting with a morsel is a date when in fact, you are being used for timefill or a useful skill tom went out with kate the other night. […]

  • hanging dumpling

    stubborn fecal matter that remains attatched to its toilet doner… rests suspended above toilet water until its grip has weakend enough to drop. sorry i took so long.. i had a hanging dumpling that just wouldnt quit …. took a few minutes for me to shake that one out!

  • havoc-wreaker

    one who wreaks havoc. he is a havoc-wreaker on the football field.

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