stoned s-x. word origin: 420 (code for marijuana) + 69 (code for s-x).
“duuuude, the 42069 with that chick after you smoked us out was awesommmme!”

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  • 420a

    chrysler engine put into 2g eclipses, talons, avengers, sebrings, neons. it’s the non-turbo models. my talon only has the 420a, but i’m gonna turbo it.

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    a popular girl who is adored and loved by a lot of people. apart from being a gorgeous person abiemwense has the smile that makes everyone’s day. she quite a flirt but she’s always loyal to her friends. wow that new girl is defiantly an abiemwense

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    a “420 angel” is a person whom comes through with weed, most referenced in dry times for pot-smokers. “i need me a 420 angel, i’ve been out for days!”

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