the act of blzingitfgt
dude, let’s go 420ing behind the library

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  • adaml*st

    the uncontrollable l-st and want for adam. i have adaml-st so bad.

  • angtfd

    ain’t n-body got time for dat like really??? angtfd just get it pre made…….

  • artists aggression

    when an artist messes up on a piece of art and can not find any possible way in fixing. and in trying to fix it makeing it worse. leading to usually a broken canvas in the trash. that artists aggression has led to several broken canvases.

  • *ss a m*ssive

    a huge -ss!! with giant -ss crack. kayla has an -ss a m-ssive, all the boys like her -ss a m-ssive.

  • autochoris*xual

    can be aroused by p-rn or m-st-rb-t–n but does not look for s-xual relations with a partner stacy is autochoris-xual so she can m-st-rb-t- to p-rn but don’t whisper in her ear, she may cry.

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