the day after 420

remains smokeout

many people still have sh-t from the day before, so on 421 they blaze up their remaining buds
dude after 420 we can still blaze up on 421
national surprise drug test day
the day of 420
james: bro i am so high right now

phil: be careful man tomorrow is national surprise drug test day! you know 421
the day following 420 (national potsmoking day)

a.k.a national munchies day
“wooo happy 4/20!!! -puffpuff-”

next day

“p-ss the marshmallows and chex dammit!”
a fight gang that has originated in west salem oregon in the 503.
person 1: man last night i got jumped by a big group of guys.
person 2. man they wasn’t 421 were they?
the day after 420, aka the day where everyone and everything comes down and waits for their m-ssive high to burn off.
hippie #1: hey bud you wanna go cheef with me.
hippie #2: yeah sure dude, lets go smoke a fatty and we can giggle and poitless sh-t.
hippie #1: alright dude, lets go man.
drug combination:

lsd, followed one hour later with
mdma, followed four hours later with
2cb, and then maybe ketamine or pot after that kicks.

listed on bonus menu of ‘when incubus attacks, vol 2′ dvd
trouble in 421 is one of their early songs
last night i went so deep inside trippin’ the full 421…!
dial code for slovakia when you’re calling from abroad.

420 should be czech republic. not sure tho’.
please dial +4210903696969 for cheap poontang.

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