yet again, fall out boy are being incredibly cryptic, and unnecessarily extra – rather than simply announcing a new alb-m, they have to hint at it for months on end on instagram and twitter, so subtly that no one notices they’ve been hinting at anything until six months later, when they make an instagram post leading people to movie theatres, show a trailer with a plot twist and then make the release date a day earlier so it coincides with patrick’s birthday – the trailer originally showed the date 4/28/17, but pete posted some tweets saying they were going to “move this whole operation up a day”. literally no one knows why they’re like this, okay. the fanbase has been going crazy trying to figure sh-t out. we still like the band though, no matter how many stunts like this they pull.
this whole 4/27/17 thing just proves why fall out boy are so d-mn extra. i love them.

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