a more simple yet hard to read version of 1337, usually used by hackers in new jersey.

this is the alphabet

a = 4
b = 8
c = ¢
d = ð
e = 3
f = ƒ
g = 6
h = h
i = 1
j = ¿
k = k
l = £
m = m
n = ñ
o = 0
p = ¶
q = ø
r = ­­®
s = 5
t = 7
u = ü
v = v
w = w
x = ×
y = µ
z = z
when writing sentences, you must put 2 sp-ces between each word.

1ƒ µ0ü ¢4ñ ®34ð 7h15 7h3ñ v073 ƒ0® m3!

the end

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