f-ck you b-tches
you know what 437, i’m done

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  • colorado corndog

    when a man spreads a woman’s b-tt cheeks and then p–ps down her b-tt crack and when the p–p slides over her b-tth-l- he puts his p-n-s in the girls b-tth-l- pushing not only his p-n-s in but the p–p as well. colorado corndog

  • d*ld* thief

    usually a very s-xually irritated youngster. a pervert and a creepy douche. their actions usually include some of the following: 1. not many friends 2. jerks off. a lot. 3. spends a lot of time on the computer with p-rn or world of warcraft 4. fantasizes about friends’ parents. 5. steals others belongings such as […]

  • 437737

    code word for herpes. used on ads and dating sites also maybe in a text. it spells herpes on a keypad. a girl post an ad looking for a guy and at the end you see 437737. she’s got herpes.

  • dizz-eye

    another way of saying you’re going to die/get f-ck-d up. kayla: yo, nat, it’s your birthday tonight…you’re going to dizz-eye! nat: oh sh-t! take it easy on me!!

  • halston sage

    grace, the dumb blond on how to rock on nickelodeon. you’re jealous of her because she’s prettier than you and banging james maslow. person 1: that one halston sage chick is so f-ck-ng hot person 2: ew no she’s ugly person 1: than i wish i was as ugly as her

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