a car made by oldsmobile between 1964 and 1973. the 442 was a special package offered on the oldsmobile cutl-ss. this package was most well known w-30.

the 442 originially started off as a package for police cars. in 1964, there were 10 4 door 442’s made. the 442 was called the best handling muscle car in 1964 by reviewers

442 stood for the 442’s 4 barrel carbeurator, 4 speed transmission and dual (2)exhaust. the official meaning of 442 was changed to represent the new 400 cid engine that was now offered in the 442. 442 now stood for the 4 barrel carbeurator, 400 cid engine and dual exhaust.

a 455 engine was offered in the 442 beggining in 1970, because general motors (oldsmobile’s parent company) lifted its ban on engines over 400 cid in intermediate sized cars.

performance for the 442 began to go downhill in 1971, when the us government made new emissions laws, and general motors decree that all of its cars must run on unleaded fuel, meaning that the compression of the 442’s wngine had to be dropped.
that 442 is aweaome, good thing it was built before 1971
initially a performance option for olds cutl-sses. it originally stood for: 4 barrel carb, 4 in the floor (gears) dual exhaust.
the overwhelming customer response to the performance option eventually ranked it it’s own model designation.
beautiful cars that combined the best looks of the early 70’s with raw power.
they continued to recur in oldsmobile lineups from time to time in the 80’s, but usually looked like sleepers.
my 1970 442 can take anything in town.
w-30, 31 and 32 options for the olds cutl-ss, cutl-ss supreme and f-85 through the 60’s to the early 70’s. the term 442 does not have anything to do with engine cubic inch displacement. the term means 4 barrel cauberation, 4 speed manual transmission and dual exhaust. though some models have turbo 350 or 400 3 speeds the name 442 stuck
cutl-ss 442 option, w-30. cutl-ss supreme options w-31 and 32
the most common football formation (proper football that is, rather than the rather odd american version), consisting of four defenders, four midfielders and two attackers. the goalkeeper is not generally mentioned in formation numbers. every football fan can name a famous 4-4-2 team.

plymouth argyle (4-4-2): larrieu; hodges, aljofree, doumbe, connolly; capaldi, wotton (c), nalis, norris; hayles, chadwick

a performance option for olds cutl-sses. it originally stood for: 400 cu. in. engine, 4-bbl. carb, dual exhaust.
“that ’71 442 can really fly!”
the other definition is incorrect. a 4-4-2 formation consists of:

four defenders
four midfielders
two forwards

the goalkeeper stays at the back.
____striker___striker_______ 2

l. mid___mid___mid___r. mid 4

l. def___def___def___r. def 4


it’s a 4-4-2!
oldsmobile cutl-ss from the 1970’s abrieviation for 4 barrell carb, 4 speed trans and dual exhaust. 4-4-2
that 4-4-2 kicked -ss on that gto !!

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