666 times 69
666 times 69 = 45954

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  • shextee

    someone who is recieving a text from someone shexting (sh-tting while texting) george always shexts me and never actually wants to talk to me, i’m the shextee

  • short with someone

    when someone is basically one wording you. jonny: -rants about something- sheri: k. (more words that could be used are: mhm; sure; idk; cool; k; yeah; idc; and so on.) short with someone- being rude by one wording a person, sort of implying to end the conversation.

  • sloppy corndog

    when there is so much sp-nk on your c-ck after a bl-wj-b that it starts to get crusty, thus resembling a corn dog. my girl blew me so hard i had a sloppy corndog down there! c-ck hot carl bl-wj-b

  • smartzoned

    where a student in cl-ss answers all the questions and the teacher avoids asking the student any more questions and acts as though they do not exist. teacher: does anyone know the answer? student: (puts hand up) teacher: anyone at all? okay no-one, let’s go through an example then. student: (to friend) he totally just […]

  • smash & dash

    when guys f-ck then leaves real quick julie: how was the first night with you bf? sarah: oh man, it was smash & dash

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