short for 469 mill or $469,000,000 the amount scammed by the infamous panamian duo in the great subzero train robbery of 1813 in latin america. naw tee and pan mana hat of the indian tribes held up a cl-ss kw gold train making off with a few millions, a relatively small amount of money to their actual loot in the end.

in actual fact this was a diversion as they held several bonds, false promissory and insurance notes that they later claimed on, netting an estimated half a billion $a. later on authorities managed to recover $469,000,000 but the missing 30 million or so was never recovered.

it is suspected that this money was wasted/hidden on various projects, funds and gambling that the two used to fund their retirements with.

in a similar way to referring the famous nigerian scams, named after section 419 of the nigerian const-tution. this scam can be called a 469.
verb : wooh, that dude’s 469ing the system

noun : hey mr 469 (referring to a prime hustler)

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