479 is the area code for northwest arkansas. the 479 is also know as a place where joke -ss b-tch-s don’t play. the 479 accepts a vast majority of races including whites, negroes, and beaners. the 479 is a large “ghetto”. this is shown through our billions of dollars of gross profit made by large companies in and around the 479. fayetteville is the center of the 479.
“back the f-ck up if your not from the 479!”
” get your -ss cut the f-ck up if you don’t shut the f-ck up in the 479.”
“f-ck you, go suck a d-ck if you aren’t repping 479, b-tch”
the area code of nwa the biggets getto areound its up thur with mali-bu fo sho fo sho it up in da hizz houzz in the crizzle my nizzle

dirtey souf 479
yo dawg i be kickin in in da 4-7-9

i be residing frum da 4-7-9

we be blastin niggs and wiggs in tha 4-7-9

i got the 4-7-9 on lockdown

tha 4-7-9 be on tha com up

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