the number of human existence and everything within it
1″i dont understand life so well right now…”
2″dude, 483″

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    noun. from english slang terminology. the act of masturbation. v. to m-st-rb-t-. “where’s jim?” “probably upstairs cracking one off to some midget p-rn”

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    – noun 1. a pseudo-psychological technique used by emotionally advanced laundry-doers to avoid the natural rage that occurs when attempting to disentangle a m-ss of clothes hangers – esp. the wire ones from the dry cleaner’s. 2. the goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal -ssociated with […]

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    420+69=489 smoking a bowl and then doing 69 is 489! write it on school desks and bathroom stalls, on your hand too…. my 489 sesh was so rad dewd, we smoked so many bowls, got so high, and her p-ssy was so wet she got off on my face then i came in her mouth!

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