to be forgiven forever. matthew 18:22
bam… you were just 490ed.

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  • sh*t on a biscuit

    phrase used to describe the impossible things in ones life that just shouldnt be able to happen. me: whoa i just won the lottery twice in the past 2 weeks! friend: well isnt that just some sh-t on a biscuit.

  • elbonio

    el bonio, a 19th century mexican bandit, was reknowned for his bloodthirsty and relentless lifelong conquest of pillaging and looting small settlements of their gold and women alongside his group of armed madmen known as “the el locos”. el bonio’s trademark, which which he became so infamous, was to leave a bonio dog biscuit, drenched […]

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    n. pl. loon·i·ver·sa·ries 1. the date on which an event, such as being asked out, occurred in some previous month 2. the ridiculous celebration of this (shortened from middle english lunatik, from old french lunatique, from latin lunaticus, from luna, moon + latin vertere to turn) person a: i am going to celebrate my 3-month […]

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    the opposite of a paedophile; someone who finds older (but not elderly) people hot. in fact, a elihpodeap (pr-nounced elipodeeap) is paedophile backwards… z: that dad is hot! o: you are an elihpodeap!

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