as_such on saintsforever board used to be used before it was banned as well as be_fair, 28_f ( i think )
this thread is cr-p 4_5

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  • hace

    intentional leet-speak variant of the word “hacker” or the verb “to hack.” popularized in the mid- to late-90’s throughout the underground aol and hotline circuit by two individuals known only as binary and usum. that kid was such a hacer he’d hace you four times before you even knew your 14kbps globvill was on. to […]

  • hafo

    a halfling that is the biggest -sshole and we love him for it! oh man hafo just kicked that noob! sweet!

  • hair burner

    often male, a hair burner is someone who has s-xual intercourse in a very fast motion at the party last night, jacob was such a hair burner. a d-ck so slick it catches pubic hair on fire. hair burner!! a h-m-s-xual who works at a salon. “ew, what’s that smell.” “oh, a bunch of hair […]

  • hair hamster

    a pile of hair that has formed from hair that has fallen around a room. the hair is at some point brushed or moved into a pile and left, therefore forming the hair hamster. me: “there is a hair hamster under the couch and i’m scared because i think it has come to life.” other […]

  • igniphobic

    the fear of fire; doesn’t like fire. my mom became igniphobic after our christmas tree burned down last year.

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