4chan.com is what r-t-rded people think the 4chan url is.
i’m finally gonna visit www.4chan.com today!! huh, what’s that? probably down.. well, back to gaia.

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  • 4chanf*g

    someone who obviously uses 4chan, but takes up another step by using terms in everyday life. call itself anon on a test. calling people newf-gs. racism is also abundant. usually spells words the internet way, as in, who they sound. most people can never figure out what this creature is, not to mention welcome it. […]

  • 4chan invasion

    when 4chan “invaded” tumblr. and when i say invade, i really mean -ss rape. because 4chan/tumblr = otp it was really all just s-xual tension. nbd rape devon’s sweet -ss invasion 11/14/10 was the 4chan invasion of tumblr, but they ended up just having angry hate s-x.

  • shadowgem

    shadowgem is a priest on the wow bloodscalp server, as well as a cr-ppy green gem used for blacksmithing and jewelcrafting. woot. shadowgem is awesome. i need two more shadowgem to make this sweet axe.

  • emo food

    a euphemism for nothing, using the typical -ssumption that “emo” kids don’t actually eat. in conversation, it is used to mean nothing. guy 1: “what’s going down today, dude?” guy 2: “aw man, just emo food.” guy 1: “that sucks.” taco bell at about 2:30pm (when school gets out) always in groups, so they can […]

  • ya rly

    one of the possible answers to o rly. internet slang, means “yeah, really.” “i know an o rly owl.” “o rly?” “ya rly.” internet term meaning “yeah really”, usually found after the term orly. person a – i’m super awsome =o person b – orly? person a – yarly often a response to the question […]

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