the edgiest of edges ever
dude that was 4edgy6me!

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  • yr jew

    refers to a “jewish” person who only comes to the synagogue for the high holidays of yom kippur and rosh hashanah and really does not practice his/her judaism in any other way. practicing jews have a special contempt for y&r jews. a y&r jew is maybe half a step above a jino (jewish in name […]

  • vete

    a stupid n-gg-r that can go back to africa that guy is a vete

  • mrs troche

    a fat -ss with no heart and no hair and has a chickens body thats all i have to say you look like mrs troche

  • f*ck the popo let the smoke go

    when you are hotboxing a vechicle and roll down the window to let the smoke go but your friends are paranoid of the cops seeing smoke you would say “f-ck the popo let the smoke go” as in saying you don’t care the cops will see the marijuana smoke. miguel: elici roll up the window […]

  • da huve

    that swag baler who gets the ladies da-huve is dat boy

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