the l33t way of saying from that the n00bs use to look cool.
3p1c 101z 4rm m3 m8!!!1!!!1

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  • 4rry

    a disparaging term for people who prefer the current 4th edition of dungeons and dragons to 3rd edition, which was current from 2001-2008. it is primarily used on the /tg/ board on 4chan, which is the board that is most related to the game. it is meant to sound similar to “furry,” since furries are […]

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    a person with a foreskin, sometimes regarded as lower cl-ss “man, that guy has a big 4sk”

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    4chan user/paedophile some 4tard posted hard-core on youtube labelled ‘hannah montana’.

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    one who resides in a subsidized or low rent rental or welfare unit. look at that guy over there..he’s a low rent louie for sure!

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