40oz. malt liquors
the brothers can be seen porchin with they 4tays!

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  • Lady Trap

    a skill or item that is used to draw in the females for the prescribed mating ritual. hey look at justin and paul playing guitar, they may as well be settting a lady trap.

  • Ladtivities

    activities conducted exclusively by lads ladtivities my consist of: wading, drinking, ladball, and fighting, amongst other things. hey lads, wana go do some ‘ladtivities’ today?

  • 4 teh lulz

    when your actions are solely “for the laughs,” or just for fun/jokes. only spoken by the l33t /b/tards. alex: why’d you blow up the twin towers, mr. bin laden? osama: did it 4 teh lulz

  • lamp hanging

    it’s when a women or man hangs themself with the cord of a lamp while climaxing. i saw my mom “lamp hanging”

  • 4tehwin

    seems to be a second generation m-ssively multiplayer online game (mmorpg) phenomenon that only appeared as of the release of the game dark age of camelot. may have originated on that game’s “vault network” forums (now vnboards.ign.com) but could just as easily have appeared earlier in-game. is most often used to mock a notion as […]

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