used when your bro has gotten with a bidd
“4tb” for the boys
bro matt just got with samantha, yooo 4tb

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  • hoodacyde

    when someone in the group is so drunk that he or she is hiccuping and blinking one eye at a time while attempting to engage another in deep moral conversation. she was so hoodacyde last night that she decided to vote for trump’s hair.

  • hotel junkie

    one who asks someone and or pays for a hotel every night to get drunk friend: hey dawna forrest want me to pay for a hotel for you to get drunk dawna: yes please i’m a hotel junkie.

  • bless your little heart

    a southern’s way of saying f-ck you teacher: you have 7 pages of homework tonight student: well bless your little heart

  • vucking

    having s-x while vaping! i like vucking my wife while eating popcorn!

  • afro tree

    a tree that is poorly drawn that looks like is has an afro as leaves and branches. that looks like an afro tree

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