4th base

when you go to 4th base w/ someone…you have s-x
when you die trying to get to 4th base.
guy: hey dude! i hear you got to -4th base last night!!….
when you have s-x (looking this up is kind of sad)
guy: baby lets go to 4th base tonite
girl: i’m on my period
guy: oh come on i been wanting to nail you for ages!
to f-ck like a dog !!!! when u tell someone you got to 4th base they are very proud
i told my dad i got to 4th base with my gf he gave me a pat on the back
to get to 4th base is to have -n-l s-x.
“i got to 4th base last night with jenna”
“oh so you had -n-l s-x with jenna?”
“yep, that’s what 4th base means”

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