4th Comers

people who adhere to a religious ideology which states that “jesus or yahshua has already come 3 times and will return in the future for his 4th coming.”

they look at the exact same scriptures and events in the life of jesus or yahshua as the majority (“2nd comers”) but label them differently.
note: the bible does not number “the comings of messiah” at all.

birth of messiah: labeled as “1st coming” by both groups.

return from the grave: labeled as ” the 2nd coming” by 4th comers. not labeled as a coming by the majority.

3rd coming: it is interpreted that yahshua ascended to yahweh the father sometime between meeting mary and meeting thomas. yahshua told mary not to touch him, for he had not yet ascended to father yahweh. but, he later told thomas to touch him. see john 20:10-29.

4th coming: yahshua’s future return, usually referred to as the “2nd coming” by most christians.

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