4th of july

a day where people express their american patriotism by shooting off explosives that they bought from illegal immigrants
eddie-hey i just picked up some fireworks for the 4th of july
tom- cool what kind are they?
eddie-not sure…the only thing that the guy i bought them from could say was “english no”
noun: the 4th day of the seventh month of our calender. celebrated as the day america declared independance from the king. the 4th of july is also celebrated in england, they call it “f-ck-off-puritan-day”
1. happy fourth of july!

2. ‘ello then, it’s f-ck-off-puritan-day today isnt it old chap?
a time to celebrate the country’s independence by blowing a peice of it up.
dude, i got some sweet illegal fireworks for the 4th of july
the day dedicated to blowing sh-t up and getting away with it.
man-“hey, dude, i drove up to new hampshire to get some fireworks since they’re still illegal in m-ssachusetts!”
dude-“f-ck yeah, man! let’s go blow sh-t up!”
man and dude-“happy 4th of july, biznitch!
the act of eating a girl out with pop rocks in your mouth to give her pleasure.
dude, my girl gave me a random gift today so i rewarded her with a 4th of july.
slang: verb: explode, fight, rumble, you get the point..
taken, of course, from 4th of july fireworks, which is a crud load of fireworks..
“aw man, i’m soo totally going to go 4th of july on his sorry -ss..”
just another regular day. f-ck patriotism.
i sat at home on the 4th of july doing my regular duties, while some obese nationalistic f-cktards were rejoicing on the other side of the atlantic.

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