related to for your information, thus somewhat haughtily -ssertaing a fact.
well,4urbusiness, it doesn’t really concern you.

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  • decrepticons

    a rare race of dishveled tuff luck cases that never aspire for anything greater than a truck bed camper and a pizzo;meth pipe watch out when you party cause tha decrepticons will steal your shiats

  • collare

    a homie; just an ordinary person, not pertaining to any one race. “what up, collare!?” casey said. “nuttin much. what crackin with you?” he replied.

  • song cobb

    planting a song in someone’s head so that they start singing, humming or whistling it. derived from the character (james) cobb from the movie inception, whose job was to plant a thought into someone’s head. song cobbing (the act of planting a song) may take time as the unsuspecting victim may not start singing the […]

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    something that you use in the kitchen kitchenary is a cook book, spoon, cutlery, crockery etc.

  • deep fried in f*nny batter

    it means the something or someone, is covered in v-g-n- (hot women) comes in very usefull on a day to day basis the towns deep fried in f-nny batter like

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