4×100 is a relay where 4 ppl each cover a distance of 100m by sprinting their -ss-s off. it is the best track relay event, since there are 4 of you and only 1 stick. basically, if you don’t wanna suck, the set-up goes like this:

1. starter: good at running curves

second fastest runner (to gain a lead)

quick reaction to starting gun

2. p-sser: receives blind-handoffs (doesn’t look at baton)

usually the slowest of the four runners

3. last p-sser: also receives blind-handoffs

third fastest runner

able run curves

able to maintain linear speed

4. anchor: blind receiver

fastest runner

calmest person (cuz pressure’s all on u baby)

u’d think the wr 4x100m time is similar to that of multiplying the wr 100m time by 4. but its no where near close. the 4×100 is much faster since only the starter needs to accelerate.

all that matters is the rate at which the baton moves around the track, so don’t slow down while p-ssing.

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