a code for what will happen if you so choose to indulge in statutory rape, aka s-x with someone under the age of consent. a breakdown of the code is

5= 5 minutes in bed

10= 10 hours/minutes in court (because it won’t take a judge or jury long to convict your -ss)

15= 15 years in a magic castle where people will gang rape and beat the living god out of you because you’re a convicted pedophile.
dumb-ss: yo, bro i’s gonna go f-ck this b-tch over there.

guy with some intelligence: dude, she’s 15, you’re 25

dumb-ss: so bro she’s just a ho bro?

guy with some intelligence: 5-10-15 dumb-ss

for some reason the government looks at s-x as some kind of contract, and you cant agree to a contract if your under their arbitrary age. so if the girl is 17 and your 18, just wait, because if she gets pregnant and her daddy finds out it’s yours, he’d probably love to 5-10-15 your -ss. on the other hand if your 25 and want to screw a 17 year old, eat sh-t pedophile.

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