5 4getn

having p-ssed the stage of forgetfulness
5 4getn has bn and gone.

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    when you have s-x with somebody then eat their leg buzz lightyear went to 54th base with woody.

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    a mongolian wedgie is defined by the action of taking a person’s n-ts-ck and stretching it over their -n-s and stapling it in place it can be done as an act of hazing or be used as a form of rhetoric to imply that something is really stupid. 1. i am going to give that […]

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    a rising dj in washington, dc…known for his crazy hair and crazy amount of time put into it also unlike the plethora of serato babies in the world he actually uses his head phones, uses vinyl and actually counts beaats. dj vicious had s-xy hair last night

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