5 7 5 rule

there aren’t any definitions for 5 7 5 rule yet.

can you define it?

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  • rag picker

    to intentionally or knowingly buy and/or wear tattered or “raggity” apparel don’t bring your rag picker of a girlfriend to thanksgiving either!

  • posh people

    usually named george,phoebe or something else easy to judge as they think theyre better than anything or anyone look at those posh people what are they laughing about how charles was kegged?

  • botnet ddos

    it is a high powered ddos used with botnets usually on a puddy server or some type of auto transmitting exe on a computer. it send bots to whatever ip address you put in the server and it temporarily disables their wifi. jason” that kids making me mad, ima hit him offline with a botnet […]

  • icepick him

    to injure someone, usually figuratively, with a sharp, precise attack. in the debate, i used counter examples to icepick him to defeat.

  • bakecheck

    bakecheck is the phenomenon that happens when one has been medicating with that good weed and wants to check how baked they are. the person a.k.a the bakechecker, is mainly concerned about being noticed. usually, this happens in public and is a swift movement. a quick glance to the mirror in a crowded elevator is […]

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