5 a side

a thin wispy moustache usually worn by a spotty p-b-scent youth,so called because theres 5 hairs on either side of his lip.
check out the 5 a side muzzy on that lad

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  • 5-alarm regret

    the feeling one gets after adding entirely too much hot sauce to ones food joe: whats wrong bill? bill: this sri racha just gave me a bad case of the 5-alarm regret.

  • 5ailure

    a failure so epic, they’re incapable of spelling ‘failure’ correctly. adam: “i’m taking a nap.” phoebe: “wow…you’re a 5ailure.” adam: “…look whose talking.”

  • strozzles

    this is what they, especially rob, say. it has universal applications. i got the strozzles. sure, just let me get my strozzles. look at the strozzles on that one!

  • strong mate

    a rather steadfast mate who puts in his fair share through all kinds of hardships. does things the hard way. hiting a car and breaking in its windows can also earn you strong mate status. ross and argo are the only true strong mates.

  • street cash

    you need 1.2 billion of it to afford a divine shield. fool combat level 92 with a divine shield; that was like 550 mil. that’s like 1.2 bil street cash.

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