5 Dollar Foot Long

what i had in my mouth last night.
susie had brad’s 5 dollar foot long in her mouth. brad loved it when susie bit into the cuc-mber.
1. a subway sandwich. quite good if you put the right stuff on it.

2. a bad advertis-m-nt for a male sl-t.
sally: i got a great 5 dollar foot long from subway the other day!
tanner: what was on it?
sally: mayo. cheese. turkey. lettuce. oil. diabetes

patricia: i heard about the 5 dollar foot longs. i’m really h-rny tonight.
clerk: well ok ma’am, you’ll be with jaime
jaime: sup girrrrl. i heard you want my 5 dollar foot long.
patricia: h-ll yeah!
a cheap, male prost-tute.
shaniqua: did you see brianna pay for that 5 dollar foot long?
lafwanda: yeah, she is so desperate!
a really big p-n-s, d-ck, c-ck…
tom: “so i was with amanda last night and we were about to f-ck, i pull out my d-ck and the b-tch stared at me while gaping at my 5 dollar footlong”
a really big azz d-ck
rob j from vineland has a 5 dollar foot long
how long my boyfriends d-ck is. ;]
kate: so what did you do last night?
alex: well lets just say my boyfriend has a 5 dollar footlong. ;]

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