5 dollar holla

an easy girl that will sleep with you if you pay her or even if you dont.
your mom is a 5 dollar holla.

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  • d*ck fungus

    a large moldy growth on the shaft of the p-n-s which is of a greenish brown color. the d-ck will become encased in this fungus and will inevitably fall off. “oh man, dr pierson! your p-n-s just fell off due to your d-ck fungus! why’s it so green and moldy?!”

  • della femina

    lot of swag yo that guy has some della femina tht guy needs some della femina i gotta get some della femina

  • facebook valley girl

    someone who is on facebook constantly but says nothing and like, likes a lot. aka a fbvg suzie has a lot of friends because she’s like totally a facebook valley girl

  • frawde

    somebody who ditches others and cannot keep priorities straight she is being frawde today.

  • garbage strike

    this is where a person goes on a s-xual drought. it is a s-xual metaphor describing a period of time where your garbage is not picked up weekly like it is supposed to be due to the striking garbage men. n-body likes it when the garbage men go on strike. n-body. sucka

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