5 for 5

tip your uber and receive a 5 star rider rating.
my rider rating is a 4.3? you gotta drop the 5 for 5.

she was so nice and polite. did she 5 for 5? nope drop the 4.
when a womans v-g-n- has been “used” to such a great extend that it now appears as flabby flesh flaps, similar to roast beef. hence the 5 for 5 deal at arby’s where you get your fair share of roast beer for a nominal price.
set the stage as one buddy to another after the successful conquest of a ripe young woman.

johnny: “so yeah, i hit that last night”
sam: “how was she, 5 for 5?”
johnny : “naw man (pleasant smile) it was like 1 for 99 cent!”

from this dialog johnny and sam were able to share information without hurting anyones feelings.
#loose #woman #wh-r- #secret #fisting #g-ngb-ng
5 24oz beers for 5 dollars. aka getting shwasted for $5
yo man, im feelin a 5 for 5.
#beer #drinking #booze #drunk #wasted #shwasted #24oz

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