5 genders

total bullsh-t there are only 2
there are 3, 4, even 5 genders

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  • f*ck it clause

    every social and some work related tasks have an implied ‘f-ck it’ clause where if it becomes too much of a ball ache you can just say ‘f-ck it’ and leave it in whatever state it is in i was painting the shed, when i got to the back i invoked the ‘f-ck it’ clause

  • knubgubbler

    someone who is exceptionally bad at giving a bl-wj-b. example: i broke up with my girlfriend when i found out what a knubgubbler she is.

  • windy wee wee

    when you’re t-st-cl-s deep in an -n-s and the mentioned -n-s flatulates on your reproductive organ yo dude i was trying -n-l with this girl last night and she gave me a windy wee-wee

  • roacad

    the abbreviation of “roll off a cliff and die” {seen from a nickdominates video}. basically the way ruder way of saying die. bro, that dude was so annoying!! i hope he roacad{s}

  • jake miller

    a situation in which you pretend to get offended by something someone says and you blank stare at them for 1-2 minutes before revieling you were f-cking with them the whole time i just pulled a jake miller on you dude, shoulda seen your face.

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