5 head

a forehead so large it is not a forehead, but a five-head.
“whoa, nice 5-head!”
adj. i forehead that is unsually large/long. therefore is surep-sses the regualr fore to a five
ex. chung has a huge 5 head
when someones forehead is so big that it can no longer be called a forehead it is a 5head
dude 1: wow your forehead is so huge
dude 2: i know i have a 5head
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when a male or female has such a large area between the eyes and the hair that 4 isnt quite big enough.
“man you see that b-tch?”
“yeah man, b-tch totally had a 5 head!”
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when people fit more than 4 fingers on their forehead, it is no longer called a forehead anymore. it is called a 5head or “fivehead” when they fit all 5 fingers or more on their forehead.
guy 1: d-mn! that girl’s 5head is like big, like a hummer windshield!

guy 1: what does zoe and rihanna have in common?
guy 2: what?
guy 1: 5heads

girl 1: i have a forehead
girl 2: i have a 5head…
girl 1: if i had a 5head, i’d go f-ck a dead goat and then suicide…
girl 2: i’m going to do that right now…

girl: whenever i facepalm myself, it fails because my hand covers my 5head but now my face
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drop dead s-xy man with large fore-head.
(only example) kevin petresky the 5-head
#petey #kevin #petresky #five head #kp
a 5 head is someone whith an extremly big foreheadwho pretends to be nice when in reality they are evil, there evilness is known to come from their big foreheads!
hey, you know that girl brenda. well she is a total 5 head!!
#insult #hilarious #true story #funny #big forehead

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