5 ls

5 ls

flint originated high game to play with crushed water bottles & weed. similar to horse but replace the 5 letters with l’s

*take a hit after each l you receive, and take a shot of alcohol after 5 ls (the 5 l reward can be switched out with a bong hit if the player prefers)

**once you receive 5ls players have to write on a piece of paper l and carry it with them the rest of the night. that way they wake up with an l. the last player standing walks away with a piece of paper that has a w written on it.

5 rules to play the game:

1. you will need 1 large trash (the l zone) to play. preferably with a plastic trash can to the waist level.

2. players take turns shooting similar to the basketball game horse, however, they will have to shout their number of ls as they shoot.

3. players can only move the l zone (trash can) once they make a shot that controls the l rotation.

4. special shot: instead of shouting ls, shout “special shot” to indicate that all following shooters have to do exactly what you did to make the shot (ex. eyes closed fadeaway shot, that bounces off the top wall into the l zone).

5. players that take ls can shoot shots at the actively competing players until the last two finish.
at a party
friend 1: yo meek where you’d get that paper l from?
meek mill: drake gave it to me while playing 5 ls
friend 2: sorry to hear that bro, well you high, might as well sleep it off.
meek mill: yeah but i’m going back for the w.

10 minutes later

meek mill: well i took another l
friend 1 + 2: drake hit you with ls back to back!

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