5 points of success

(as far as i know this started with bart and geo from the youtube channel justkiddingnews)

this are 5 areas that get kissed on the face

1st is the left cheek -> 2nd is the forehead -> 3rd is the right cheek -> 4th is the chin -> 5th is the lips

bart and geo use this as a way to solve their arguments. when they get into a fight they work it out and then end with the 5 points in order to make sure that both partners have cooled down and the argument has been resolved for both parties. if one refuse then the argument must be worked out further as one of the partners is still somewhat upset. this works because imagine kissing someone when your mad at them right after an argument….it would be hard to do so, right? but if the argument has been fixed well then both people should come out feeling better as they were able to get out their emotions and feelings while still fixing the situation that caused the argument. if both people feel well then they both wouldn’t mind doing the 5 points.
bart and geo use the 5 points of success to end their arguments

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