5 star bum

a girl that thinks she’s all that, but is really just a dressed up trash can. top of the line b-ms !!!!
she think she looks good, but she’s a 5 star b-m.

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    1. a f-cking c-ck-munching overwatch scrub 2. has many relationship issues, mostly can never decide whether he wants to pitch or catch with his boyfriend, because he loves catching but has a very gentle bf, and he doesn’t think he’s rough enough pro genji: “ha! he can’t play tracer for sh-t! what a f-cking seanne! […]

  • mantash

    a verb meaning ‘to change your mind abruptly’. coined from a south african politician “gwede mantash”, who suddenly changed his political position within a weekend. i was to divorce my wife but then i mantashed

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