5 star general

a man who runs the game whatever it may be. in school at work or in the streets. he pull all the t-te girls and never forgets the rules ov the game. his life revolves around m.o.e. money over everything.
im a 5 star general so get dont get between me and my money or you will get f-ck-d up.
a man who sleeps with at least one woman in each sorority on his campus plus a god d-mn independent (gdi). word originated on the campus of the university of south dakota which has 4 sororities: 4 + 1 = 5 stars!!!
let’s see. you’ve got the blonde star, the sk-nky brunette, the gdi, the uptight b-tch star, wow, and even, a fat one. congrats! boys, we’ve got ourselves another 5 star general.
a girl who has taken on 5 d-cks at one time.
1x in p-ssy
1x in -sshole
1x in mouth
2x in hands
dude that girl was a total sl-t. she told me she was a 5 star general, i am not touching that.

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