.50 Action Express

the .50 action express is a powerful rebated rim cartridge developed by evan whildin (not the israeli army)of action arms specifically for the imi desert eagle (not a close range combat pistol) the rim diameter of the .50 ae is the same as the .44 remington magnum cartridge for whcih the pistol was already chambered, consequently only a barrel and magazine change is required to convert a .44 desert eagle to the larger, more powerful .50 ae. all desert eagle pistols are gas operated automatics with a rotating bolt locking system similar to that found on the ar15 m16 rifles. the recoil of the .50 ae desert eagle is roughly approximate to 240 grain .44 magnum ammunition fired from a heavy revolver such as a ruger redhawk. significant but not life changing.
lamers who have no experience with guns outside of video games should probably not try to write about them.
a .50 caliber pistol cartrige that, due to action movies and video games, has recieves more merit and admiration than it deserves. the most popular pistol in .50 ae is the large, intimidating desert eagle. in reality, .50 ae weapons are very impractical and overly powerful. the recoil and noise are too much for most shooters, and the large diameter of the round limits the capacity. for example, the .357 magnum desert eagle holds 9 rounds, as opposed to the variant in .50 action express which holds 7. why sacrifice two rounds for a needlessly big bulet, when you could have two more in the proven stopper caliber of .357 magnum. think about that next time you see ‘eraser’ or ‘the last action hero.’ the .50 ae is a needless overkill.
i just fired my .50 ae freedom arms revolver, and my arm hurts like h-ll!
big handgun cartridge a half inch in diameter (12.7mm). designed by evan whildin of action arms to be chambered in magnum research’s m-ssive desert eagle pistol. the case has a rebated rim, which makes it function better in semi-automatic pistols than rimmed cases, which are traditionally used in revolvers. a 300 gr. bullet from a 6″ barrel of the de has a velocity of 1,500 fps with 1,600 ft lb of forces, making it extremely overpowered for self defense against a human target.

dispite its unpractical use for self defense, the .50 ae is frequently depicted from hollywood films to video games due to the eye appeal of the desert eagle pistol. in real life, the .50ae is primarily used in target shooting for those who get a kick out of shooting big bore handguns. it is also a great handgun hunting cartridge for semi-auto enthuiasts. some might be crazy enough to use the cartridge for self or home defense due to the desert eagle’s frequent portrayal in the media.
the .50 action express desert eagle is a big bad mfin’ handgun.
bad-ss gun that this f-ck-ng n00b obviously can’t handle. overkill is necessary when you’re dealing with an endless horde of zombowlies that need an instant and terribly gooey beheading.
omfg! zombies! -pulls out .50 ae desert eagle- -2 seconds later- oops…i guess i should clean this up…
close-range combat pistol developed by the israeli army. featured in many action movies. labeled inaccurate, but some models have a gas chamber, therefore reducing the kickback and dispelling the “inaccurate claim”.
if you shoot one at a 55-gallon barrel, the bullet upon entering leaves a hole the size of a nickel, yet it leaves a hole the size of a soda can when exiting…..

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