50 yen

a j-penese rapper with songs such as, “i’m using this cameras to take pictures of your momma” and “you can’t cap me ’cause your big american p-n-s gets in the way.”
50 yen:
i’ll take yu tu the asian store
i’ll let you lick my sweet and sour pork
i won’t give you a fork
i’ll make you eat it with a spork, woah!

i’ll take you to the asian mall
my wiener may be small,
and i’m not that tall
but i’ll pown you all, woah!
a dumb-ss chinese m-f- who thinks he’s a black gansta. walks around like limpin. can never get sum. talks ch-nky-ly, but thinks is cool. looks mad ugly like all chinese.
that 50 yen was eating rice in the hood the other night when a couple of ganstas broke his -ss

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