500 days is a typical term for a guy/girl relationship. came in use after “500 days of summer” movie.
– you’re dating him almost a year! do you want to marry him or something?

– gwad, no! he’s just another 500 guy.
old school baseball game where one person fungoes (that is, throws the ball up and hits it) the ball to a group of people who earn points as follows: 100 for catching it on a fly, 75 on one bounce, 50 on two, and 25 on three or more. the first one to 500 points is the winner, and -ssumes the fungo role.
cecil: hey booker, let’s get evel, bjorn, mookie, and dusty and have a few rounds of 500 down on the corner lot.

booker: ok, i’ll bring the bat, ball and stroh’s

cecil: sounds good. i’ll start off as the hitter.

booker: that’s fine, since it’ll be the only chance you’ll get!

cecil: ok. see you there.
1. breast implants, filled with 500 ml (cc) of saline or gel
2. big b–bs.
3. headlights.
4. knockers.
5. big impressive t-ts.
shirline’s 500s walked into the room a full second before she did.
a term for breaking even, used in gambling and sports win/loss records.
our team went 500 because our record was 16-16.
a less overly exaggerated version of a million
i’ve seen star wars 500 times!
the ultimate goal on gamefaqs. to get a topic to 500 posts is the epitome of pure awesomeness.
topic: post here for 500

-gets to 500-

the tc is now a god.
mercedes benz s500 – luxury car
“sittin’ in my 500 on 20’s sittin’ low…” ~ginuwine

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